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PAWS (Proximity AWareness Sensor)
is a software-defined, high-resolution imaging radar for the most rigorous jobs!

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PAWS transmits radio waves across it's FOV and measures properties of the backscatter to obtain 3D images in the radio spectrum

With its innovative antenna design, PAWS provides the highest resolution images across various wavelength for improved awareness

PAWS provides a fish-eye FOV at 180°   thanks to its novel integrated antenna design

PAWS further provides information on  the velocity, dielectric properties and material type of objects in its FOV.

Its wide frequency range further means, it is immune to optical and radio interference. Hence, a great option for dynamic environments.



Imaging done without human interaction, using onboard real-time process methods



Millimeter resolution and accuracy enabled by dense antenna elements 



Optimized for Size, Weight, Power and Cost for diverse mission



No Single point of failure in design and interface for high reliability



Sensing range and velocity up to hundreds of meters  



180° FOV with no blind spots. While able to see through low visibility




Diverse power and data interfaces


Space rated enclosure and electronics

Innovative Imaging

  • What problem does PAWS address in space?
    Space robotics constitutes a burgeoning market place, valued at over $4 billion. Within this market, there is a growing need for advanced robotics to capture, release, maintain, repair, assemble, and inspect thousands of satellites and space stations in orbit. However, the current reliance on optical sensors for proximity awareness is a problem. Optical sensors are easily fooled by natural occurring interference, target color, and require compute-heavy algorithms to function reliably. Additionally, the optical wavelength becomes unusable at high sun angles and is easily attenuated. This creates significant safety concerns, especially in the case of crewed space vehicles, as these sensors cannot be fully trusted in dynamic lighting environments. As such, there is a need for a reliable, interference-immune, real-time proximity sensor. By developing a solution to this problem, we provide a safer and more reliable solution for space robots, opening up new possibilities for growth and innovation.
  • Why is this a problem?
    The problem of ensuring that space robots do not come into unintended contact during their missions is of paramount importance. The safety of the crew, the health of the client spacecraft, the integrity of surrounding equipment, and the avoidance of damage to robotic tools and manipulators are all critical factors that must be considered. With the growing number and complexity of space robotics operations, this problem is only expected to worsen, and it directly impacts the success of spacecraft operators and customer agreements. The consequences of a collision in space can be catastrophic, leading to the loss of property and, in the worst-case scenario, loss of human life. This is why AllSeeing is focused on developing a reliable, interference-immune, real-time proximity awareness sensor for space robotics. By providing a solution to this critical problem, we can significantly reduce the risk of accidents in space and ensure the safety and success of space missions.
  • How does PAWS solve this problem?
    The founder of AllSeeing has engaged in multiple conversations with leading space robot operators on what they need for spatial awareness. This ensures that the technology being built would fit their needs and solve the problem at scale. Therefore, AllSeeing built PAWS: Proximity AWareness Sensor. A SWaP-C high resolution imaging RADAR with a fish eye field-of-view to provide real-time spatial awareness for space robots in the radio domain. PAWS received feed back as satisfying customer needs and providing a cognitive sensor for the most stringent of environments.
  • Who uses PAWS in space?
    AllSeeing is proud to announce that we are in the final stages of securing a phase-1 revenue-generating contract. Our target customers include a broad range of space operators, regulators, military personnel, and government entities from around the world. These organizations rely heavily on the safe and efficient operation of space robotics for their missions, and our technology will provide a reliable solution for real-time proximity awareness. By working closely with our customers from inception, we aim to deliver solutions that meet their specific needs and drive the growth and success of the space robotics industry.
  • Why AllSeeing?
    At AllSeeing, we believe our customers will choose us because of our team's unparalleled expertise in space, RADAR, LIDAR, high-speed signals, and image processing. With decades of real-life experience in these fields, we are uniquely positioned to understand, build, and execute on scaling this technology. Our focus on customer conversations has been instrumental in shaping our technology, and we are proud to have had numerous discussions with players in the space sector, the investment community, and the general population. Our customers and stakeholders believe our technology will be a game changer, as evidenced by our almost finalized first customer contracts. Furthermore, our proximity sensor has broad applications beyond space, including healthcare, security, firefighting, and more. We are currently exploring and establishing the needs of these industries as well. By leveraging our expertise and expanding our technology's reach, we aim to provide our customers with a reliable and versatile solution that can drive growth and innovation in a wide range of fields.

PAWS in Medicine

PAWS is put to dual-use as a non-invasive  diagnostic tool and vital-signs monitoring unit. PAWS helps clinicals see what humans or cameras cannot see.

This configuration provides fast, accurate, reliable, and non-invasive diagnostics in various applications


PAWS in UAS detection

Legacy radar's and vision systems fail to identify micro-UAS. As such, PAWS caters to this need as a portable next-gen RADAR.


PAWS offers cognitive, high-resolution, weather-independent, wide field-of-view aerial monitoring. Allowing identification of UAS signatures, including range, velocity and micro-doppler signatures.

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